Thursday, 24 January 2013

During a mid-week service in my church, I stretched out my hands to Dominion (a two year old baby) and she smiled, stretched her little hands towards mine and with just one hand, I carried her and neither she nor her mother showed fear or concern. She was calm even when I swayed her from side to side, she didn’t cry or try to come down from my arms even though most of the time it scared her. She showed concern and after a little while, she leaned on my chest and slept off.
Some minutes later the Holy Spirit reminded me of a song that has been on my mind lately "let go and let God". He asked me if I’d let any hurt come to that child and in my heart I answered "it just have to hurt me first". It’s simple really, how we neglect the promises of God in times of travails and difficulties. We pray our hearts out and praise God for the answer but we forget the one thing that is needful as taught in 1st Peter 5:7.

We table before God in prayer our numerous burdens and after that, we pick up every one of them, place them on our heads and walk home (i.e.) we pray about them but then we don’t leave it for Him to carry. We claim we trust God but we do not stop worrying over those issues.

In mattew 6:25-34, Jesus tells us not to be anxious about anything and He means ANYTHING

When we are faced with challenges, God expects this one thing from us; to turn it over to Him in prayers and believe Him to be committed to His word in Matthew 6: 26, 31-33. After we turn it over to Him, we, like that little child climb into His arms and lean on His mighty & caring chest knowing that no matter the sways (the devil brings to discourage us) God will never let us down. When we are in His arms we are restful, peaceful, we are without worries for whatever must hurt or triumph over us must first overcome our heavenly father in whose arms we rest and who can dare The Creator of the universe?