Monday, 23 March 2015

Believing For Supernatural Supply

Hope this month has been fruitful and beautiful for you. Today, the 23rd  of March, marks a year since I went on my first trip outside the shores of Nigeria and I thought it’ll be a great idea to share my experience of divine provision. It’s a long one, so you might need a bottle of coke (laughs).
There was a software conference scheduled to hold in Nairobi that I desired to attend but couldn’t afford . You see, I come from what I call the “lower-middle" class family in Nigeria which means that my parents couldn’t afford luxury and plane ticket was definitely a luxury for us.
I knew the odds were against me but I really desired to go, not just for the benefits to my career but for the life experience. So I reached out to God or rather asked God to reach out to me and give me a miracle. And He did.
The total sum that I needed was about $1,800 but with about $50 (which was all I had), I started the planning: flight booking (return ticket), hotel reservation et al. My pastor tried to dissuade me and my mum was worried that I’d lost it because I planned everything to the detail as though I had the money stacked somewhere.
I must confess that trusting God for a supernatural supply wasn’t easy. My flight was cancelled three times in a space of two weeks because I didn’t (couldn’t, actually) make the necessary payment, the conference registration was about to close (I had not yet paid) and the immigration officer that helped me procure my passport called endlessly for me to come and pick up my passport (I didn’t have his balance yet).
I had read books about supernatural supply, listened to people’s testimonies, dug deep into the word, understood and believed all of God’s promises, prayed and was not about to give up on God. I continued with the preparations and six days to go, the supplies began to roll in.
I remember it was a Monday and I got the first bank credit alert very early in the morning, then another, and another, and another. I was amazed at the way God supplied all that I needed, especially the avenues He used. 

You see God has all that we will ever need and all that we need to do to receive from Him is to ASK and BELIEVE. Matthew 7:7-8, 21:22
The most astonishing thing happened when I wanted to take a cab from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to my hotel and found out that the cab fare was exorbitant and would take almost all the money I had left. For a moment I was in shock (laughs). It was 2am, the weather was so cold and the cab fare would cost me about 70% of what I had. I needed a miracle, a quick one.
I went to a corner, sat down and said “Lord, you’ve brought me this far, make a way for me! Barely 2minutes after I said that prayer, a young Lady walked up to me, introduced herself (we had been on the same flight) and asked if they (she was with her husband) could take me to my hotel.  I got my miracle! 

I did not only enjoy my new life experience, I also got to share Jesus with the people I met there. 

What would you dare to believe God for today, this month, this year? Can you rely on His Supply?  
with my friends : Loki and Andrew.

Remain Blessed.