Monday, 13 May 2013

Warfare not War-free

 It is often said that where there is no battle, there is neither a victor nor vanquish. Well that is true but in this race, if you don’t fight, you’ll definitely be the latter. Many a times,we want the victories of life – health, riches, good success etc. but do not want to be involved in the fight required. The devil –our adversary’ say to us if Jesus truly conquered  sin, failure, sickness, death on the cross then why are you not a partaker of His riches in glory ? Does it mean that He does not love you or that there was no sacrifice made? 
Brethren, the sacrifice was made on the cross and victory given to us {1 tim2:6} but we have a role to play. It does not stop at accepting and confessing Christ, we have a war to make. {1 peter 5:8-9}. This fight is a fight of faith to take delivery of the riches of redemption. God has not promised us a war-free life, from the times of old we have been in this fight.  Consider Israel….. God had given Sihon the Amorite and all of his land to Israel but they were to contend with him in battle {Deuteronomy 2: 24}. The devil is not going to sit on some rocking chair and say well since God has made it available to His people, they might as well have and enjoy them. He will fight you and only when you contend with him in battle will you see the promises of God fulfilled in your life {vs. 25}. The Disciples of Christ understood this {1 timothy 1:18} : You don’t wait for certain scriptures to be fulfilled in your life, you make them happen {Matthew 11:12} by using the weapon of faith and prayer {James 5:13, Hebrew 4:16, 1 Timothy 6:12}.  The good news is that we don’t get to the battle field empty or alone. God is there with us {Isaiah43:1-2}, for us {Romans 8:31} and in us {1 John 4:4} and we are guaranteed of victory. Remember this promise;
 'I will go before you
  And make the crooked places straight;
  I will break in pieces the gates of bronze
 And cut the bars of iron.                                
    Isaiah 45: 2    (NKJV)
   Remain blessed.