Thursday, 23 July 2015

Becoming a Sweetheart

My grandma was such a nice person, at least as long as I can remember, before she passed on. She wasn’t a perfect person but was surely a sweetheart so much that her response to situations often annoyed me because I didn’t know how to act like her. lolz 
 The past few weeks of my life has been quite challenging but beautiful because I’m learning new things especially how to be really nice. A few weeks ago I started studying Christian books and the Bible on godly character and I’ve been Changed (I’m still a work in progress though).
What do I mean when I say sweetheart? I mean Tender-hearted, kind, thoughtful, cheerful, generous, Patient, Understanding etc.

The above description is a mirror of how the fruits of the spirit are manifested in our daily lives and dealings with people.  Do you know that the kind of words that proceed out of your mouth and your disposition will either attract people or repel them from you?  
Being grumpy, unforgiving, harsh, demanding, negative, quick tempered, a fault finder, gossip, judgmental (self gratifying nature) is not the nature of Jesus. 

It’s time for a change because the real test of our heart for God is our desire to truly please Him, in words and in works.  Do you want to change and become humble, kind, gentle and meek like Jesus?  Submit yourself to the Lord and in humility ask Him to transform you into the image and nature of Jesus.

 Fruit bearing does not come just from church attendance, prayer vigils, positive confession or bible reading, it comes from abiding in the Lord and allowing Him to abide in you. It is His divine presence that dissolves the hardness of your soul so that sweet-swelling fragrances pour forth from you. 



  1. Great post! "Fruit bearing does not come by going to church. . ." You couldn't have said it any better dear.